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Pony Care Days

Are you interested in teaching your children how to look after a pony? We are offering Pony Days to cover all the basics in one day. We are running on Mondays and Fridays throughout all the school holidays. A full packed session from 10 am till 3 pm.


The children will be able to work a selection of our many ponies. Each child will be offered a range of ponies but only the ones chosen carefully by our members of staff. The other ponies may be cute, pretty and look harmless but we want the children to be the safest they can.

Bay pony in field at Only Foals and Horses

How much will it cost?

Our pony days cost only £18 per person. The only additional cost will be £3 if we are to provide lunch including a sandwich, packet of crisps, a cake and a drink from our tea room. Alternatively, they can bring in their own packed lunch.

What will they learn?

During the day the children will learn about grooming. How to use all our different brushes to keep their pony for the day clean. We will go over why we use them in different areas and the importance of why you should groom.


They will learn how to lead their pony, safely and securely. Being shown how to put a headcollar on their pony. They will be able to test their leading skills over a small course, made up by the staff to suit the ponies.


They will learn about feeding their ponies, from learning about different feed types and how to fill their ponies nets and how to put nets up in the stable. By the end of the day, they will be able to understand the reason why we only feed the ponies a certain amount of food each day.


They will learn about bedding, the different types and how to muck out the type that their pony is on. They will learn the vital lessons on how to look after a pony and the fact that it isn’t just grooming and riding when it comes to looking after ponies.


What age is this suitable for?

If children are to left with us, we require that they are over 7 years old. If you wish to attend with your child then it is best that you speak to a member of staff about the circumstance so we can make arrangements.


Want to book?

The Pony Days are a first come first served basis, so book in advance to avoid disappointment. Every Monday and Friday during the school holiday, just ring 01254 239995 or email us on

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